AltCut is short for alternative cuts, and those are little scenes that sometimes can feel familiar, or sometimes turned so twisted by that dimension they detoured they do no such thing any more. Much like that long lost in the portal of the washing machine, one day returning like some sort of mutant yarn rat drawn to reunite with its relative left behind.

This portal used to be activated on Mondays, but has since adopted a more sporadic posting. Consider adding AltCut on your Twitter flow to be notified when a new strip is posted.

Here will hopefully be a mix of high and low, clever cuts or just plain stupid stabs on film, TV, games, books. All in good fun. Please keep this in mind, should your favouritest thing ever show up.

On the topic of ifs.. Obscurity through sheer scope may naturally be quite an issue here, because honestly, what are the odds of one having seen all the same things as another.

But I figured this could be an interesting part of it all too. If a videogame joke did the old fly-by because-don’t-even-play-those. Maybe then someone up for a bit of jolly co-op guidance through that particular ordeal of the silliness could help bridge what was lost in transmission?

I do hope you will find something enjoyable at least.

Thanks for reading this far!