So, a bit late for these news as the new site has in fact been up and about for some time now. I just felt it better to ease into the new environment rather than triumphantly proclaim “it works!” which is usually a sure fire to make it stop working.

Why this move at all though? The reason was a not at all unexpected but quite unexpectedly complete restructure by the old comic host, into something maybe better suited most of the authors there.

For this comic though, it only became much more restricted yet cumbersome to make updates. Even worse was it not only made it annoying to navigate, but also near impossible to read comics in the strip form. So a transition to something configurable and somewhat predictable seemed a good idea.

Since the site has now ran without much noticeable issue for a few weeks I set a controlled drop of the remaining strips from back then. There will be another update every day from now till a few into March, and this chain will then end with an actually new strip. At long last!

After that it is of course back to the good old random postings again. As you probably know well, I could not keep up such a schedule for long without this huge backlog. 😉

At least something was gained from this whole ordeal. I got a more direct grip on the site, while shaving off a bit of cost compared to the old host. The new server actually despite this seem to serve things a bit quicker.

Hope you too will find this new structure better to navigate, and also therein a way to something new to enjoy in the end.

As always, thanks for reading.