So incidentally this thing turned out being a bit about how Clarks alter ego often sort of being a big D, even when helping out. Just have to show off by twisting a lamp post around some shoplifter and such, quite an expensive arrest by guesstimation. Maybe it also explains why Bruce had such issues with the kryptonian recently, because that was one thing that wasn’t over explained at all. Speaking of.

The original intent though was simply this; If you do a chaotic action sequence, intersplicing it with reaction shots and overtly clear exposition of the (usually) very obvious danger at foot may not do the action itself any favours. (Guess that’s like a variation of “Jump Scar”. Repetitions of ideas already.. This comic is doomed. Doomed!) Or maybe it does. I just draw comics so what do I know. Since comics fortunately can have reaction shots in action shots, you just have to read faster or ignore them. 😉 Making another one of them next time. So till then perhaps.