GG God

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Knocked onto wood again, 
feels hard man..

Sorry about the animation
here. It was meant to look
like a tele-transporter. But
it just looks like Jesus got
his own personal rave
going on. Guess that at
least suits his character 
well enough here though.
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From the Author
AltCat 23 (Monday) / 04 (April) / 2018
What's this, videogame things again???

Well, since the latest "God of War" was released recently, it was well timed to do something a bit up to date. For once.. :p

And of course there was already wild speculations about where Kratos should or could clean up next, even years before the two other game in this obvious trilogy that just got started.

This here setting would probably be a very short game.

But you never know with vidogame-time-sink-fillers, could be things like an epic fight with Noah in a whale for some reason.

(Noah ended up in the whale when the animals on the ark mutinied and made him walk the plank..)

Feel free to post your most likely more sensical wishes or ideas for the next instalment, be it next game or next trilogy. :)