Quantum Brick

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1- If This Temporal Paradox We Caused Is Not Corrected The Branching In The Timelines Will Grow Exponentially Until They Rip The Very Fabric Of All Time-Spaces!
1- And That Would Be Bad.
2- Explain Better..
3- You Must Prevent The Cause Of The Chaos Back In The Past.
1- Chaos??? - Stop Using Science Words Nerd!
2- Hmm... How To Put It... - If We Fail To Fix It Time Will Turn To..
1- Swiss Cheese!
2- Not With Cultured Culinary Analogues!!!
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From the Author
AltCat 15 (Wednesday) / 11 (November) / 2017
Alternought universes. Obviously the multiverse is not the leading theory in this universe, because then that would not be a problem I guess. Don't forget to roll up paper to demonstrate how space folding happens. Also, wipe all the things of a desk to externalise that strong feels happens inside, or because of no coffee. :o