Jump Scar

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1- Perfect! Hold Right There! And Cut. 
2- Hiiyaa!!! Hungh... 
3- Again?
1- Set The Camera Up Here. That Should Make For A Dramatic Cut To The Following Frames! 
2- We Hardly Moved Since The Last, Cut Damn It! 
3- I Now Master The Ancient Cut-Outs Acting Technique.
1- Puppets! Why Didn't I Think Of That? So Simple, No Backtalk!
And Just So Much Cheaper!!! - Then I Could Even Use Better Actors For The Dialogue Instead. 
2- Good One Think-Tank, Now We Are Unemployed.. 
3- Doh, Bugger...
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From the Author
AltCat 12 (Sunday) / 11 (November) / 2017
Alt Angle From the set of that cancelled would be masterpiece "Karate Vikings VS Kung Fu Zombies" film I guess. :p

Comment on how jump cuts (not so) gradually sort of replaced both the chore-ography and mise-en-scène. No need for a setting or even locale either, just cut from one close up shot to the next. ;)