Play Death

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1- Wait, Do You P..
1- Chess What? 
2- No Dude, Ks!* 
3- *Killstroke
1- Indeed, I Did Play Quite A Bit As Xx_RestInPies_Xx
1- Had K/D Around 64606418:0 So Never Bothered Starting Over With A New ID. 
2- Not Sure Why Exactly All That Excess.. But, I Like Everyone Did It! 
3- *Heart Monitor Flatlines*
1- Mhe...The Quickest Disconnect Ever!
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From the Author
AltCat 06 (Monday) / 11 (November) / 2017
Inspired by "The Seventh Seal" of course. A real remake would probably be quite a bit lengthier than the original, and have more explosions.

The starting subjects here is meant to also illustrate that games too may be treated.

Well, that's it for now. See you next Monday maybe!